What I love about being a financial advisor

What I love about being a financial advisor

What I love about being a financial advisor 150 150 Todd Clifford

People often ask me what I love about being an advisor. For me, it’s helping clients to achieve clarity. People have so much choice today. It can be tough to make decisions about what we want to do over the next five, 10 or 15 years. But if I can help someone find clarity about what they’re trying to achieve and help them line up every decision so they can accomplish that, then I’ve meaningfully helped them to live a better life.

For example, this morning I had a meeting with a client who was 45 years of age. Retirement is at least two decades away, but it was important that we talked about it today. As an advisor, I know that what he does now will determine his options in retirement. And I can help him by identifying what he’s trying to achieve and how that’s connected to the decisions he makes today.

This client wants to buy a beach house in the future. By talking to him about what he wants to achieve, it became clear that the extravagant holiday next month may not help him get there. This gave him some clarity about what he’s trying to achieve and how his priorities all work together. That’s where the real power is – when someone can see how different decisions will help them live the life that they choose.

That’s what gets me out of bed every morning – giving clients them the confidence to make decisions for their future. For some people it’s about retirement, for others it’s about raising a family or saving for a house. Whatever the goal, there’s nothing better than seeing someone light up because they can see a path forward.

As financial advisors, we are in an incredibly privileged position. It takes an enormous amount of courage for people to come in an lay their entire life bare. To tell their story and talk about their hopes and dreams. It’s a privilege to be in that position, so the least we can do as advisors is to honour that courage and help them achieve what’s most important to them.

We can coach our clients, mentor them and motivate them to make decisions that they wouldn’t otherwise make. This is how we help people live the life they choose and that’s the difference that we make as advisors. It’s an incredibly important position and privilege that we have every day.

Todd Clifford is General Manager Viridian Select

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