Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea at Viridian

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea at Viridian

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea at Viridian 150 150 Richard Fung

Every May, the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea enlists budding bake masters to raise funds across Australia to make a big difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Viridian’s Melbourne office joined the cause on Monday to show off their baking skills and help make an impact.

At 10:00, a buzz of anticipation was felt as Viridian’s best kitchen bench space began to disappear. At 10:15, baked goods were proudly unveiled. By 10:25, belt buckles had been loosened and $500 had been raised for Cancer Council.

Anna Del Biondo once again proved she is baking force to be reckoned with. Her cherry slice was raved about well into the afternoon, earning her the coveted best baker award. Mel Lyon’s Oreo slice, and Rita Agati’s individual New York cheesecakes also garnered praise. The latter was so well-crafted that questions were raised about whether it may have been a store purchase. Graduate Lorgen Scott received an encouragement award for attempting a brownie. He has been offered a personal planning session in which he will receive advice to ensure that he can take his raw talent to another level next year.

The most discussed dish of the day belonged to Chris Adams. Chris presented a deconstructed version of primary school bake show classic – frogs in a pond. This dish was to be experienced over 2 days as the jelly had not quite set. A polarising piece that blurred the lines between mid-morning snack and modern art, but left a nostalgic smile on faces.

The Cancer Council continues to work towards a cancer free future. Every dollar raised at morning teas across Australia goes to cancer research projects, accommodation costs for patients and grassroots programs such as SunSmart in primary schools. If fund raising efforts continue to take the form of cherry slice and New York cheesecake they will be well placed to achieve this vision for everyone.

A big thank you goes out to the Viridian Concierge team for organising the morning.


Hugh Goodfellow is a Portfolio Manager in Viridian’s Melbourne office. 

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