My advice to women wanting to progress in the financial advice industry

My advice to women wanting to progress in the financial advice industry

My advice to women wanting to progress in the financial advice industry 1920 1080 Viridian Advisory

I think it’s fair to say that historically, financial advice has been a male-dominated industry. It’s less so here at Viridian, but our senior leadership is still predominantly made up of men. That’s why I think it’s incumbent on us senior females, to help inspire the next generation of women to think big.

I believe it’s important for all women, but in particular young women or those in support roles, to start putting themselves forward for any opportunity that they think they might be capable of doing.

But in order to do this, it’s important to seek guidance or mentorship from those that have already trodden that path, though this doesn’t have to take traditional forms. For example, you don’t need to go to large-scale networking events that can be intimidating, and you don’t have to go sit in an auditorium and listen to high-ranking female executives give speeches.

It can be as simple as seeking out a senior female in the office who you trust and respect, and sitting down for a chat. Don’t be afraid to ask her for feedback – what does she feel are your strengths and weaknesses? What areas does she think you can work on?

The key to putting yourself forward for opportunities is confidence and authenticity. If you spend some time seeking feedback, getting to know yourself, and investing in improvement, you’re much more likely to be confident about what you’re good at, and therefore much better at selling yourself authentically when opportunities do come up.

The last step is opening yourself up to the possibilities. Even if there aren’t opportunities at the moment, understanding where the business is heading and what opportunities may eventuate in the future will ensure you have something to work towards.

Financial advice is an amazing career that allows you to have a meaningful impact on your clients’ lives. As women, it’s on us to think big, and not limit the possibilities.

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