How I help our advisors sleep at night

How I help our advisors sleep at night

How I help our advisors sleep at night 150 150 Leah Deshon

As a POD Development Manager, a big part of my role is helping advisors to understand the systems and processes they’re required to follow to provide professional financial advice. I also work with our support teams to help advisors provide the best outcomes for clients.

I’ve had nearly 30 years in this industry and over that time I’ve seen a lot of  legislative change. It’s my role to help advisors understand and meet the training requirements they have and make sure they’re compliant with the regulatory reforms that have evolved over the years, particularly since the Royal Commission.

What I love about my job is giving advisors comfort in what they do. By letting them know what the regulator expects and what the legislation requires of them, I can help them meet those requirements.

Most clients aren’t aware of how complex the technical aspects of the advice they receive is. There is a lot of research that goes into regulatory compliance and ensuring that our advisors have always got our client’s best interests at heart.

This requires having a solid understanding of a client’s situation, what their needs are and what they’re trying to achieve through financial advice. They also need to understand the products that they’re recommending, including fee structures and how they impact a client’s preferences. Clients need to be comfortable with the advice that they’re given as well, so advisors need to do a lot of research so that they can provide appropriate advice.

We have a huge support network at Viridian Advisory – everything from the executive leadership team to the operations team and paraplanners. Together they all help the advisors prepare their advice and all the legal documents.

Our client services managers also support the advisors by implementing that advice, which is critical in making sure that no mistakes are made. We all support each other in helping the advisors get the right outcomes for their clients.

Advisors are the face of our business, and they are there to provide the optimal client experience. All the work that we do in the background enables advisors to have that relationship – to meet with the client and explain that advice. Clients just want to be comfortable in knowing they can achieve their goals and everyone who works behind the scenes directly impacts that client experience. Together we make  our advisors’ lives easier – and of course, help them to sleep soundly at night.

Leah Deshon is a POD Development Manager at Viridian Advisory

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