Resource Kit – Resetting your retirement after COVID-19

Resource Kit – Resetting your retirement after COVID-19

Resource Kit – Resetting your retirement after COVID-19 150 150 ndavies

Were you planning your retirement before the coronavirus pandemic? If so, you may have found yourself in a different financial position in a very short space of time.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

That’s why our retirement specialists have created this comprehensive resource kit to help you reset your retirement plans.

Included in your Resetting Your Retirement Resource Kit

We hope you find these resources useful.

The Resetting Retirement Webinar

Held on Wednesday, June 10, Viridian’s special live webinar explored some of the effects that the pandemic may have had on your retirement plans, and the steps you can take to re-evaluate your situation and move forward. In this recording of the live event, you’ll hear from:

  • Stephen Earp, Viridian Chief Brand Officer
  • Mike Thompson, Viridian Executive Advisor
  • David Ross, Viridian Executive Advisor
  • Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, CEO of Full Time Lives
The Guide

How could COVID-19 have affected your superannuation? Your investments? Your Centrelink entitlements? And what can you do about it?

The essential companion to our webinar, this comprehensive guide is a valuable resource for those whose retirement plans have been affected by the pandemic. You can download it for free here.


These downloadable worksheets will help you move through some of the activities referenced in the webinar. They’ll also provide a handy reference across re-evaluating your goals, as well as reviewing income and expenses, Centrelink entitlements and investments.

Download your worksheets here.

More Questions?

If you need any further information, or would like to create your own tailored retirement plan, your financial advisor can help. Contact them directly, or reach out here.

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