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The Viridian Foundation

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As the world around us continues to turn, social inequality, environmental problems and political issues are only rising. Whilst this can sometimes be daunting and leave us feeling a little helpless, one of the best ways to combat these feelings and make active change is through supporting charities and those less fortunate.

At Viridian, we believe that doing good helps us feel good. Making a lasting impact on the world around us for those who need it the most is at the core of our community values, and strongly influenced our decision to start up the Viridian Foundation.

The Foundation is our own public ancillary fund and we are raising funds to enable it to give away meaning amounts each year to support charities aligned with our social causes. Viridian staff have chosen mental illness, homelessness, health & medical research, family & domestic violence and environment as our five social causes to champion with select charities receiving financial and non-financial support.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Foundation, please click here.

The Foundation also offers the opportunity for clients to set up their own giving sub-fund within our structure. You can  completely outsource the compliance, investment management and administrative duties to the Foundation, so you can focus on the giving part, making a difference in areas close to you.

Many of our clients have benefited greatly from the Foundations broad range of flexible options. For client Katherine Armstrong, the opportunity to start her philanthropic journey with a company she already trusts made it all the easier. Even better, she was able to live out her values and teach her children about the importance of giving back to the community in whatever way you can.

We know how important it is to provide support for those less fortunate and that’s why we always try to be authentic in our actions. We want to drive social change and make a real, lasting impact.

With your help we can do so.

Reach out to your advisor or contact the Viridian Foundation by email at to start the conversation today.

Ian Granter is a Director of the Viridian Foundation