Adapting and Overcoming Risks

Adapting and Overcoming Risks

Adapting and Overcoming Risks 150 150 Kasia Gascoigne

Working from, home increased consideration of mental health, combatting cyber security, pivoting the advice process, and managing overseas and physically remote clients.  These were just a few examples of the risks and changes that COVID-19 has forced Viridian to adapt to in the last year. Whilst challenging at times, these operational and lifestyle shifts have taught us how resilient we really are. They have showed us that we have the skillset to pivot the business quickly and efficiently in times of need to continue to meet the needs of our clients.

Despite the difficulties that COVID-19 brought with it, it also sharpened our focus on the strategic risks inherent in digital transformation, as we strived to continue to deliver services to our clients outside the traditional face to face meeting model. This has allowed us to rethink and reframe our approach to cyber security and data privacy in a way that we expect will deliver longer term benefits to both our clients and our business.

Alongside these new risks, there have been a number of key regulatory changes within the financial services industry that we are either experiencing or facing into as a business and an industry. These include:

Our next year will continue to provide further challenges resulting from strategies to manage COVID-19, continued mental and technology impacts, and significant regulatory change noted above but if we have learnt anything from this past year, it is that change is inevitable and unpredictable.

Different challenges will continue to come our way, and whether they originate from industry, health events, shifts in client engagement models, regulation, cyber threats, or global economic changes, we know that being prepared, willing to learn and knowing our risks places us in the driver’s seat in adapting to and managing the new landscape

Kasia Gascoigne is Chief Risk Officer at Viridian Advisory.

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