“”After all the challenges and the sacrifices made during the pandemic, floods, and bushfires, Australians need and deserve a better Budget for a better future,” said Anthony Albanese.”

“This budget makes it clear; the Government wants small businesses to continue to adopt digital technology, train and upskill employees and they’re going to incentivise this with tax deductions.”

“Hopefully, Australia can continue to break down the stigma attached to mental-ill health and ensure that there is a functioning and compassionate system in place for those who require the support.”

“Overall, we believe this is a budget that is aimed squarely at the upcoming federal election, targeting those voters who have seen higher inflation restrict their wealth outlook. However, we do not expect it to have any impact on financial markets, consumer or business confidence in the near term.”

“If you were speed reading you may have missed it… in contrast to previous federal budgets superannuation took up little more than a third of a page this time around.”

“The increase of $420 or $1.15 per day provides some help, but it will likely only soften the increase in costs to fuel, groceries, housing and cars.”

“As floods, deforestation and rising sea levels continue to harm our planet and Australians, Environment Minister Sussan Ley is looking to provide “practical on-ground action” through this year’s budget.”

“This is an important measure for households and promotes equality between mothers and fathers doing away with policy defined by “primary” or “secondary carers”.”

“Australians are continuing to feel the pressure whether that be at the bowser, the supermarket or when they look at energy bills.”

“There is now a real emphasis on removing the barriers for funding your retirement and creating opportunities for you to retire with more.”

“With 2022 an election year, what can we expect when the Treasurer addresses Australians from 7pm AEDT on the 29th of March?”