A Year To Focus On The Next Generation

A Year To Focus On The Next Generation 150 150 Whitnie Jeeves

This is a year to continue educating the next generation of Australians; a year to develop their financial literacy and building their self-confidence in decision making by providing them access to voices they trust.

At Viridian Jade, I’ve been encouraged to see our clients embracing the contributions of their children. It signifies their place as an active member of the family, often a difficult transition to make. In other words, it gives them a seat at the table.

2022 will see the Jade team and I continue to incorporate technology into the advice journey. It will drive a deeper connection with our clients and build engagement throughout the advice journey. The technology we use helps us to map out the client’s situation, providing visual representations of the financial summary, succession plans, and the values that bind the family together. The ease of these programs allows millennial clients to take ownership of their contribution to the conversation and see the impact it has over time. Using these visual boards is crucial to assessing growth and enables us to ensure family members are aligned and working together as a united front.

Whitnie Jeeves is an Associate Advisor at Viridian Jade.