Redefining The Role Of The Paraplanner

Redefining The Role Of The Paraplanner 150 150 Tim Sutcliffe

At Viridian Advisory we value the knowledge, experience, and insight that our advice support staff provide. “It takes a village” is an apt proverb when it comes to providing the best possible financial advice.

This year we’re excited for the concerted effort that’s already underway to further leverage off the knowledge base of paraplanners to enhance the client experience. Providing the best possible outcome for all stakeholders in financial advice through expanding the use of paraplanners in the advice process through the Advice Delivery Team.

This expansion of the paraplanning engine room will be underwritten by a new, more streamlined advice document template and process which leverages off increased use of technology (as highlighted here by Leah Deshon and Jan Gettman).

Providing an ongoing wealth of knowledge on strategy, technical, compliance and product knowledge, the Advice Delivery Team will provide an industry leading level of support to our advisors. Again, driving Viridian’s aim of providing clients with more quality time in front of their advisors in 2022 and beyond.

Tim Sutcliffe is Paraplanning Operations Manager at Viridian Advisory.