Leading The Way For Women In The Financial Advice Industry

Leading The Way For Women In The Financial Advice Industry

Leading The Way For Women In The Financial Advice Industry 150 150 Hugh Goodfellow

Viridian Advisory is delighted to announce that Associate Advisors Vega Yan and Sunny Park will be undertaking their Professional Year as new financial advisors at Viridian Advisory in 2022.  

The Professional Year forms part of the requirements for new advisors to enter the advice industry and consists of 1,600 hours of work of which 100 hours are structured training. 

Vega Yan has also been successful in her Viridian Advisory supported application for a Financial Planning Association (FPA) Scholarship as part of the FPA’s Professional Year Grants Program for Women. 

The Scholarship is a contribution to Viridian to support Vega as she completes her Professional Year with our organisation. 

Co-Head of Viridian Private Wealth and executive sponsor of Viridian’s Diversity, Inclusion, Equality and Belonging Council, Brett Arnol expressed that it was excellent to have two young female advisors undertaking their Professional Year in 2022. Brett noted that not only does the industry need more new entrants to meet the advice needs of Australians but it needs more female entrants, with only 22.5% of current Australian financial planners being women (Adviser Ratings 2021). 

 “It helps to address the need for better representation within the industry, and the demands of Australians seeking financial advice. It is something that we’re continuing to tackle at Viridian and while as an industry we have a way to go, we have picked up the mantle and are leading the way. Vega and Sunny have great support around them and can look to Executive Advisors such as Virginnia Hottes and Kathy Havers who continue to champion representation across the organisation.” 

 (Virginnia Hottes – The World Needs More Female Financial Planners, 2020, There are so many men in the industry, but I think it’s important that our business reflects the general population and our clients.  I’ve found that both men and women alike also prefer to work with a diverse group of advisors. Diversity gives them fresh perspectives on how to plan their finances.) 

Everyone at Viridian is right behind Vega and Sunny in supporting their Professional Years and becoming full advisors at Viridian in 2023! 

(Vega and Sunny join Nick McGuire (Viridian Jade), Luke Brendish, Murteza Behrami and Matthew Aspinall who have already commenced their Professional Year at Viridian Advisory)

Hugh Goodfellow is Marketing and Communications Manager at Viridian Advisory.