IWD at Viridian Advisory 2022

IWD at Viridian Advisory 2022

IWD at Viridian Advisory 2022 150 150 Bridget King

“If you can’t get a seat at the table, make your own” and for the men, “Don’t be intimated…” the words are still ringing in my ears. 

These words NAB Private Client Director Natasha Carr shared with Viridian on International Women’s Day encapture everything that #BreakTheBias is about and were a fitting call to action at the end of a day of celebration. 

Earlier in the day, sausage rolls, bagels and even a little bubbly found their way into Viridian Advisory offices across Australia as we gathered together to celebrate International Women’s Day. I was lucky enough to be in Melbourne where a sea of purple assembled to hear Portfolio Manager Melissa Goodman speak about the importance of improving women’s financial literacy to achieve gender equality. With lunch being shared in offices around Australia, it was a much needed moment of inspiration and celebration in the context of the world we live in. 

We then came together across Australia as Non-Executive Director Dolores Diez introduced Natasha Carr. Natasha’s story on how she has had to #BreakTheBias throughout her career was empowering and her call for everyone to share their story and take the moment to listen to someone else’s was humbling. 

Life deals us all a hand, we all have different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Even in this day and age life can still present women with more challenges than men, but ultimately, we are all in charge of the path we choose in life, with courage, perseverance and determination needed to get through.”- Business Operations Manager Raksha Gorasia 

“Natasha was honestly so inspiring, even if she doesn’t realise it herself, I think everyone left with something new.” – HR Business Partner Victoria McCosker 

But while much of the day was a celebration, as another International Women’s Day passes, we need to acknowledge that the conversation does not stop here. Issues such as domestic violence and sexual assault continue to disproportionately affect women and the gender pay gap still exists, so all our work is not done. These injustices must be stamped out for all women, as we know that these problems affect women of colour, women with disabilities and women from the LGBTQIA+ community at a much higher rate.  

Our words and promises must become actions. As Dolores said on the day, “Marches, signing petitions, reading about women leading in so many ways is no longer enough. We need to DO, because we can do.”

Most importantly, this action comes from all of us. Both men and women play a crucial role in this fight and have the power to make a difference when united in force to create a more equitable world.  

Bridget King is Marketing and Communications Administrator at Viridian Advisory.

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