Big changes to Paid Parental Leave and the National Plan to End Violence Against Women

Big changes to Paid Parental Leave and the National Plan to End Violence Against Women 150 150 Anna Kalla & Kathy Havers

This year’s budget includes a raft of announcements for women — including a big shake-up for the government’s Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme. The two weeks of “Dad and Partner Pay” and 18 weeks of “Parental Leave Pay” will now be rolled into one.

This will allow parents to split the leave between them in whatever way they see fit. This is an important measure for households and promotes equality between mothers and fathers doing away with policy defined by “primary” or “secondary carers”. It also allows parents to make these decisions on their own terms and should have a very positive impact on families at a time that is so important to them. Thankfully the government also announced that single parents will be able to access the full 20 weeks of leave and given that an ABS estimated that 81% of single parents are women, this will help thousands of mothers across Australia.

It is expected that changes to the PPL scheme will be in place by March 2023, but does require further consultation with stakeholders before then, and of course is subject to the government retaining power following this year’s Federal Election.

$1.3 billion was also announced to support a 10-year national plan to end violence against women and children. With on average, one woman killed by a partner every 11 days, funding that focuses on prevention, early intervention, response and recovery is desperately needed.

Another $330.6 million will also go towards the women’s health strategy, a package that includes:

  • Stillbirth and miscarriage support
  • The establishment of new endometriosis clinics
  • Greater access to breast and cervical cancer screenings

Anna Kalla is HR Business Partner and Kathy Havers is an Executive Advisor at Viridian Advisory.

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