Pave The Way Launches In Melbourne!

Pave The Way Launches In Melbourne! 1920 1080 Viridian Advisory

A glass of bubbly is poured, canapes are served and a group of women eagerly fill Viridian’s Melbourne office to meet Pave The Way presenters Kathy Havers, Melissa Goodman and Shona Klibingaitis. The words “You are the CEO of your own life” begins the inaugural Pave The Way session…

Earlier this month Pave The Way, a female empowerment workshop series that helps women of all ages secure their financial future was launched in Melbourne.

The first session “I’ve got this – I won’t get left behind” led by Portfolio Manager Melissa Goodman, Executive Financial Advisor Kathy Havers and Senior Lending Specialist Shona Klibingaitis covered topics such as the money taboo, the ins and outs of lending and navigating work gaps.

So why a program for women? 

Earlier in the year, pioneer of Pave The Way Melissa Goodman shared that she “strongly believes that gaining better financial literacy for women is an essential step” for breaking down gender biases.  

“Across friends, family, colleagues and clients, there has been a common underlying theme of women underestimating their abilities when it comes to understanding financial concepts. This not only limits our opportunities but aids in maintaining existing discrimination and inequality.” 

Pave The Way provides a platform to bridge this financial literacy gap. As advisors, we have the knowledge and skill set to make a difference to the women in our lives through education, encouragement and building confidence.  

If you or someone you know would like to attend future Pave The Way events, please reach out to Melissa Goodman at 

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