The Value of Advice

Loss Aversion Bias

Loss Aversion Bias 1280 720 Melissa Goodman

The final article in Viridian’s ‘Equation for an Optimal Life’ series, shifts our focus to a behavioural bias that looks at risk as two sides…

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Overconfidence Bias

Overconfidence Bias 1280 720 Pradan Yeluri

Do you know someone who thinks their sense of direction is much better than it actually is? Or, perhaps maybe, you have a friend who…

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Bandwagon Bias

Bandwagon Bias 1280 720 Amanda Ragkousis

In the 80s, shoulder pads were in; in the 90s, grunge was all the rage; and, in the 2000s, bright coloured tracksuits took off. We…

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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias 1280 720 Michael Bayley

We would all like to think that we make judgements and decisions in an objective and logical manner. But do we? The third article in…

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Familiarity Bias

Familiarity Bias 1280 720 David Pitt

So, what is Familiarity Bias? Sticking to the same dish on a menu at a restaurant, always shopping at the one supermarket, or only using…

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Anchoring 1280 720 David Pitt

Have you ever walked into a market and bought strawberries for what you thought was under the “average price” only to realise later that week…

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Viridian’s Equation for an Optimal Life

Viridian’s Equation for an Optimal Life 150 150 Hugh Goodfellow

Have you ever stopped for a second and considered why you behave the way you do? Why do you do one thing instead of another?…

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