At Viridian, one of our core principles is Community. Our purpose is to achieve a long lasting impact in identified areas of need. Our vision is to make a difference in moments that matter.

Our Vision

To make a difference in moments that matter.

Viridian Foundation

The Viridian Foundation is our own public ancillary fund and the core of our Community Program. With the Viridian Foundation we can go further than our everyday and focus on creating a lasting impact in the world around us for those that need it the most. The Foundation gives back and financially supports community initiatives by gift matching staff donations.

Charity Starts at home

Viridian encourages staff to nominate social causes that have personal meaning. By focusing on issues that are close to home our staff create moments that matter in the community. Currently our staff have nominated homelessness, mental illness and financial literacy as areas of focus. Tackling these issues through charitable programs, as well as leveraging our own specialist knowledge, enables us to maximise our impact.

Volunteering and Mentoring

Viridian is a big believer that doing good leads to feeling good. All staff are given a day each year to volunteer or mentor in programs. This boosts wellbeing and helps us do more for the community around us.

Where we want to make a difference

Our five most important social issues

Family & domestic violence


Mental illness

Health & medical research

Environment & climate change

Who we have supported so far

“The whole team at Viridian advisory has felt like family from the beginning … still to this day, I have never seen any corporate group put that much effort in without a second thought of getting dirty or messy.”
– Justin Dickinson, The Big Umbrella