Viridian Advisory provides a complete yet unique, personalised suite of financial services. Offering our clients everything from traditional investment advice, estate planning, insurance and lending, to a portfolio management service.

  • VPW is the Financial Planning Advisory area where the bulk of our clients are. Our aim is to deliver solutions that help provide clarity for our clients to make for smart financial decisions that lead to greater peace of mind and quality of life. The principles to our client engagement process are designed to create a genuine deeper understanding of the desires and needs of our clients and therefore a more effective and efficient process of achieving them.

  • VPM brings a unique methodology to the motto of Bespoke Investment Services, specifically using Australian Equities. The process is designed around 7 (seven) key steps of which the client can choose to control or delegate responsibility of any one of those steps, depending on what suits their personal circumstances. The outcome is to produce a positive cash flow position which directly enhances our clients financial position. It is only available for clients that are classified as ‘sophisticated investors’ and meet one of the Wholesale Tests.

  • VLS is an additional service that complements the current value proposition. It provides our clients a wider offering and therefore a greater range of choice when it comes to Mortgages and borrowings alike. Whether it is new loans or refinancing of loans or residential and commercial properties, vehicle and equipment finance, our experienced Lending Relationship Managers will be able to provide you with personal assistance.

  • Infinity Asset Management (IAM) is the investment management business of Viridian Financial Group. IAM holds our actively managed SMA (Separately Managed Accounts) investment portfolios that includes direct (long only) Australian equity – large cap & small/mid cap – portfolios, diversified multi sector investment portfolios and individual sector portfolios. IAM also provides financial market and asset allocation research, as well as company specific and unlisted managed funds research. The active management of the portfolios and the investment framework is managed by an experienced and dedicated investment team overseen by Viridian’s Chief Investment Officer, Piers Bolger. The provision of governance of the portfolios is undertaken through Ironbark Fund Services Ltd as the Responsible Entity. IAM uses the implementation and administration platform services of leading market providers BT Panorama and HUB24. This structured combination, in conjunction with our trusted adviser services, provides clients with a tailored investment strategy within a seamless implementation and portfolio monitoring framework. The benefits derived are multi-faceted for our clients. They range from increased efficiency in capturing opportunities with ‘real time’ market related events, retention of beneficial ownership of investments, individual tax treatment, increased transparency on any underlying securities or funds along with streamlined paperwork, which all adds to cost savings.

  • Our IT & Platform Division are responsible for creating and maintaining a sophisticated proprietary software that produces reports and client information for our VPM services. It is the intent of the Company to continue to build an IT infrastructure that will provide a modern integrated client management system and process for all our internal staff to use to further enhance the client/adviser relationship.

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