About Viridian

The Viridian team has over 350 employees nationally, servicing over 8,000 clients.

We have the expertise to help you with…

Wealth & Retirement Planning
Cashflow & Income Strategies
Lending & Borrowing
Investment Management

Our approach

Viridian is an advisory firm focused on really understanding you to help you live the life you choose. This means we work hard to understand your hopes and dreams for the future. We help you confidently prioritise what’s most meaningful to you in order to make this future happen.

As a firm, advice is what we do. Our focus is and will always be on client outcomes.

Our culture

Viridian has a culture built on alignment between client and adviser over the long term. The firm has never paid short-term incentives to advisers and is 100% owned by staff and clients.

Viridian is fast changing and responsive to the needs of our clients. We are focused on leading the way for the future of the advice industry.

How We Specialise

Viridian has the scale to provide deep expertise. Clients benefit from our team of over 350 working collaboratively to achieve your goals.

The Viridian Foundation

The Viridian Foundation focuses on giving back to our community. The public ancillary fund is core to our Community Program, with all staff donations matched by the business. Nominated social charities and final grant giving are voted by staff nationally. Staff dedicate and are supported to work one day per year on social and charity activities.

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