Jacques Malan

Executive Advisor

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Jacques Malan

I have been a Financial Planning Professional for more than 23 years. My experience includes advising clients ranging from everyday people (mums & dads), high-net-worth individuals and Business Owners. My clients value how I make the complexities of superannuation and investments easy to understand.

My motto is: “What would I want an adviser to do for my parents and then do that for my clients?”.


Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)

Chartered Financial Planner (CFP)

Professional Memberships

Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

What Jacques’ clients say about him…

“I have worked with Jacques for eight years, firstly optimising my existing super and subsequently moving into the pension phase. Jacques always has time for you. He comes to meetings well prepared and has researched to answer your questions. He is knowledgeable and confident. He always answers the phone when you ring up, or will ring you back if he is in a meeting. He never ignores you. My custom superfund and now pension are performing very well, and I recommend Jacques highly.”

“Before any changes are made, Jacques goes into great detail about proposed changes, but he can explain these changes in a way that we the layperson can follow and understand. This ability gives me as a client, a secure feeling that our funds are in good hands.”

“Jacques, in my experience, is knowledgeable, approachable, patient and very good at remembering certain facts about us, which in turn gives us confidence in him.”

“Jacques has given us excellent professional advice preparing ourselves for retirement and consolidating our investment and superannuation assets for the best financial outcomes for our generally conservative risk appetite. Jacques always explained things to me clearly and explored many options to enable us to land on the best solution. Through Jacques’s knowledge and experience, I feel confident that the advice was right for my needs. I received Jacques’s full care and attention when I needed it and he is a very warm and personable, which was very refreshing too. Highly recommended.”

“Jacques has given me advice in enabling me to borrow money to secure a loan to purchase a new apartment, maximising my super at the same time as well as giving me a quality of life as a woman on my own. He listens to your circumstances and what you want out of life not what is the best thing in theory; through Jacque’s knowledge and expertise, I feel very confident that the advice given to me is right for my needs going forward. Jacques gives his full attention and explains things clearly. He gives you scenarios and ultimately empowers you to make decisions for yourself.”