Mark Fitzgerald

Mark Fitzgerald

Executive Advisor

Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

Mark’s goal is to empower his clients to make informed decisions to pro-actively improve wealth and lifestyle through sound strategies incorporating education, service and accessibility. This is facilitated through professional, confidential and personalised advice.

For over 25 years, Mark has formed client relationships for life with individuals, families and not-for-profit groups by providing them with a sense of empowerment and control about their financial future, ensuring they can achieve their best future. He prides himself on truly understanding each of his clients, evidenced by the length of his client relationships. He strives for enduring client relationships that are clients for life.

Mark offers clients various services to improve their wealth and lifestyle through sound strategies incorporating education, service and accessibility such as:

Professionalise family protocols to help transition wealth to younger generations in a planned and comprehensive manner.
Create resolution between generations, siblings and other parties to help families work together more effectively.
Ensure that family assets are transitioned appropriately and with ease to the next generation, including comprehensive Estate Planning.
Plan cash flow to ensure that the distribution of income to family members is sustainable and in line with family objectives.
Facilitate tax structuring and advice so that assets are protected for the bloodline and tax is minimised.
Develop a philanthropic program in a tax-effective way giving consideration to family legacy objectives.
Collaborate with key family advisers to build a close team with specialist expertise.

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