“Those who set meaningful goals and work towards them incrementally generally succeed.”

“Being able to connect with these young people and actively contribute to their understanding of our industry, and what purpose it serves in our community is also something I love”

“In 2022 we’re excited to continue building an experience that places the relationship between our clients and their advisor right at the centre.”

‘At Viridian, an advisor will help you look at any asset, whether it be shares, property or cryptocurrency in context rather than isolation.”

“It takes a village” is an apt proverb when it comes to providing the best possible financial advice.”

“Did you know if you have a super balance of less than $500,000 you may be entitled to make a larger tax deductible super contribution that think?”

“We will navigate these uncertainties as always through diversified asset allocation and active portfolio management, looking to mitigate risks and capture opportunities as they present themselves.”

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