What I love about working at Viridian

What I love about working at Viridian

What I love about working at Viridian 150 150 Abigail Barnard

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some intelligent people over the course of my career, first at Deloitte and now at Viridian. However, what impressed me when I got to know the leadership team at Viridian was how they thought differently and compelled me to do the same.

I first met the team when I was involved in their external financial audit. Generally, as an auditor, you’re seen as the bad guy around the office – something that I got used to. However, my experience at Viridian was very different – they were genuinely happy to have me there. They wanted to know every detail on our assessment of their business and what they could do to further secure it. They understood that it was in their best interest to be proactive – and this is something that has not changed since I joined the team.

The people I work with are smart and compassionate, which are two very important characteristics in our currently uncertain industry environment. They are open to change and new ideas. When there’s something that I want to explore or work on there are no levels of bureaucracy I need to go through for approval, their usual response is “let’s do it”. Their support of me has never wavered even when I’ve made mistakes – which is something that I see as imperative in my own team as well. We will constantly be testing new boundaries and that makes my job exciting.

The evolution of Viridian’s reporting is a good example. Every reporting input is constantly analysed to ensure the most accurate data is being considered in the fastest way. This allows us to make operational decisions with the most updated and relevant information. The Board is never out of touch with what’s happening and that’s a substantial benefit in this environment.

It’s the executive team’s openness to this type of thinking that constantly impresses me. This open mindedness allows them to consider Viridian’s next steps in a fast-changing industry and position the business where it needs to be.

I feel blessed that these people are constantly pushing me to learn and improve while always backing my work. It’s pretty special to come in to work each day knowing that you’re part a team that’s building something meaningful.

Abigail Barnard is Chief Financial Officer at Viridian Advisory