Planning for retirement is an essential process that entails setting clear goals for your retirement income and determining what measures are necessary to achieve them.

How an advisor can help

A financial advisor can provide guidance on complex investments and retirement accounts, offer tailored recommendations, and help you make informed decisions about your financial matter including savings, taxes, and insurance. Their expertise can simplify complex financial decisions and help you achieve your retirement goals with ease.

We will conduct a review of your existing superannuation and pension funds to ensure that your investment approach supports your stated goals and does not expose you to unnecessary or excessive risk. If you have a Transition to Retirement Strategy, we will review this periodically to ensure its appropriateness with respect to your cash flow needs and tax position. Our advisors will look at issues like capital gains tax, maximising your personal superannuation contributions, and maximising your Centrelink benefits. Changes to the superannuation system rules including contribution limits will need to be reviewed at least annually.

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