Viridian hosts Luke Breust for work experience

Viridian hosts Luke Breust for work experience

Viridian hosts Luke Breust for work experience 2016 1512 Ian Granter

Luke Breust Hawthorn Football ClubLast week we were delighted to host Luke Breust from Hawthorn Football Club for work experience. Since debuting in 2011, Luke has played in three premiership sides. As part of its development program for players, Hawthorn Football Club supports its players by encouraging them to take time out of their grueling training schedule to get work experience in a different field.

Luke has had an interest in the options space for many years, something that began when he learnt about trading from some friends. As his interest grew he became more involved in investing and participated in option trading days. So when he was given the opportunity to work with Viridian Portfolio Management (VPM), our bespoke portfolio management team, he jumped at it.

For one week, he had the opportunity to sit in on client meetings and learn about how the team manages their investment portfolios. Describing the experience, Luke called it “eye-opening” and something that had more in common with football than he had imagined.

As in football, each member of the team has to work together to achieve their common goals. Skills like the ability to act quickly and think on your feet was critical when talking to clients. When reflecting on the experience, Luke described how decisions sometimes needed to be made in an instance but involved highly technical skill and attention to detail. In his words, “keeping your eye on the ball is essential.”

While Luke still has his heart in football he’s also now got one eye on his future and it may just involve a career in investment. In the meantime, he will complete his commerce degree next year and is looking for more opportunities to develop his technical skills. Thanks to the support of the Hawthorn Football Club he will no doubt be able to continue realising his dreams both on and off the field.