ESG Investing Survey Results

ESG Investing Survey Results

ESG Investing Survey Results 150 150 Andrew Gratton

Even in this extraordinary year, communities around the world continue to gain awareness of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) investing. And so has Viridian. In our quest to ensure that we were providing you with the products and services that best serve you now and into the future, we recently requested your participation in a Sustainability Survey.

We were encouraged by the responses and feedback received, demonstrating a high level of engagement with your own financial values and preferences.

A preview of our preliminary findings can be found below.


We had 891 total responses from around the country.

The majority of our clients believe that sustainability is important

Approximately 58% of respondents considered sustainable investments to be ‘Somewhat Important’, compared with 22.5% ‘Very Important’ and 19% ‘Not important at all’.

41% of respondents felt their current investments met their idea of ethical standards, while 55% weren’t sure.

Interest in sustainable investing set to grow

The majority of respondents believe that sustainable investments are more of interest to their children than to them.

When asked, “Which statement best describes you?”, our respondents replied:

Guidance is key

When asked, “If you found out a company or fund you were recommended doesn’t align to your personal values, what would you do?”, respondents replied:

Most respondents wished for ‘some of their investments’ to be invested in a way that aligns with their specific socially or environmentally desirable outcomes.

Based on these results, it is evident that many Viridian clients would like sustainability to be considered when investing. Moving into 2021 and beyond, these insights will underpin the products and services that we develop to best suit you – to support you on your financial journey, and to help you live the life you desire.

Further details on the survey findings will be announced in the new year, but in the meantime, wishing you a happy and safe holiday period – and for any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ben Casley is an Investment Analyst at Infinity Asset Management. 

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