Viridian Portfolio Management

What is Viridian Portfolio Management?

Viridian Portfolio Management is a specialised division that provides wholesale clients with a bespoke portfolio management service. The division delivers clients an unparalleled personalised service focusing on results-based outcomes delivered through collaboration, communication and accountability.

Who should apply to join the team?

Apply to join the Viridian Portfolio Management team if you enjoy working directly with experienced, sophisticated investors to deliver results based outcomes and value working in a close knit team that is united in purpose.

Driven by Transparency and Customisation

Operating across domestic and global markets, a close knit team of investment professionals provide sophisticated clients a high degree of transparency and customisation in their investment strategy to deliver consistent cashflow returns in all market conditions.

A Collaborative Environment

A close knit group of investment professionals, Viridian Portfolio Management offers positions across portfolio administration and portfolio management.

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