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Whilst the past few years have put a spotlight on female empowerment, women’s empowerment, in all aspects of their lives, is tightly connected to their finances – financial awareness, financial knowledge, financial confidence.

Global and national studies show that women are generally earning less, saving less, retiring with less and have a lower level of financial knowledge than men.

The good news? This is something we can change!

Pave The Way is a women’s empowerment workshop series aimed at helping women increase their financial skills and confidence. Financial wellbeing is tightly aligned to our progress, to our sense of achievement; and you’ll enjoy all of this in an encouraging and open atmosphere.

Meet the panel

The workshop will highlight the key concepts that need to be considered at life’s distinct stages including:

  • The money taboo and how to start talking about money
  • The ins and outs of borrowing and the importance of understanding your debt
  • How to navigate work gaps
  • Where surplus money can be directed
  • Different investing options and when can they be considered
  • The importance of superannuation
  • How to protect what you have

So, ladies, we invite you to joint us for a women’s only fun and instructive evening where, over a glass of champagne, you will learn a multitude of things you wish you knew about you and finances. We welcome you to extend the invitation to any of your friends.

Thursday May 12, 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start

Level 17/120 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Drinks provided on arrival. Female & Friends are most welcome. Please RSVP via the link.