Adam Wighton

Adam Wighton

Financial Advisor

Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

Adam has over a decade of experience in financial planning and offers guidance on various areas, including superannuation, retirement planning, wealth creation, transition to retirement, and SMSF. He has honed his skills in personal insurance and risk management.

As an advisor who prioritises clients’ needs, he derives immense satisfaction from assisting individuals who aspire to attain financial success. He takes pride in designing strategies that foster a sense of security and safety while working towards clients’ objectives, keeping in mind the constantly evolving economic environment and legislative framework. Adam adopts a comprehensive, holistic approach and has experience working with diverse clients and demographics.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that each individual has a unique situation that calls for personalised solutions, and it’s necessary to fully comprehend clients’ families, financial position, and aspirations. He actively collaborates with clients to develop successful solutions and then works with them to implement the plan, which drives him.

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