Ben Shaw

Ben Shaw

Executive Financial Advisor

Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

Ben is an Executive Advisor with over 29 years of experience as an advisor (and over 33 years’ experience in the finance industry). Ben specialises in Retirement Planning, Superannuation, Managed investments and Centrelink. Ben is a Certified Financial Planner and is a member of the Financial Advisors Association of Australia. Ben looks after a wide geographical area, from Penrith through to the Blue Mountains, Lithgow and out to the Central Western areas of Bathurst and Mudgee.

Ben is a passionate and dedicated financial advisor committed to helping his clients achieve their financial goals. He takes a simple yet holistic approach to financial advice and works closely with his clients to develop a financial plan that is tailored to their needs. Ben is a trusted advisor who is always available to guide and support his clients throughout their financial journey.

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