Michael Bayley

Michael Bayley

Executive Advisor

Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

The hardest thing in life is to get what you want, the next hardest thing is to enjoy it.

I enjoy getting to know people, understand their lives and what makes them happy. As a strategic financial advisor, I help people establish their lifestyle goals and put in place a course of action to make it possible.

I am driven to provide my clients with peace of mind as life unfolds. Making things simpler and less stressful for people one on one. My process is about collaborating to establish a sound strategy, review risks, take steps to mitigate them and implement. I review and adjust regularly to keep my clients on track.

I have been in the financial advice profession for the better part of 25 years. I have experience in both face to face advice and teaching and mentoring other advisors. Most people preparing for their retirement have a need for financial advice; from high net worth families, to business owners and busy working professionals. From my professional network, referrals are a quality way to help people live the life they deserve.

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